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Perform several tests to check your Mac performance


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When we buy a Mac or when we want to be sure that all components of our system are working in good conditions, we usually use programs to perform benchmarks.

Geekbench is a multiplatform benchmarking application to do performance tests to the memory and processor.

One of the outstanding features offered by this program is the one that allows you to do all tests in just one click. By this way, we'll get a report featuring everything about our system.

Finally, Geekbench will let us share results of the tests with other users to compare results and know exactly if our machine is working properly.
Measure your devices' benchmark with Geekbench

Benchmarking tools are a dime a dozen these days. Most of them are capable of analyzing your device's performance though their own measuring system and comparing it to see how it stacks up against with other similar models for the same range of metrics. However, how useful would it be if a benchmarking tool could analyse performance across several platforms, say comparing which is the highest performing device overall on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux o Mac? It'd be super useful, and that's exactly what Geekbench is here to do in its newest updated version 4.0.
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Demo version only for 32-bit systems.

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